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17-Nov-2017 18:44

The rumored couple reportedly want to be more honest to their fans and want to explain why they had sex together and how they regret having sex every day.

Jonas, 19, star of the hit movie Camp Rock and a Jonas Brother and Song, 20, star of Song confirmed to Star Magazine that she lost her virginity to Joe, but insists that the dates several times before having sex.

They accept the consequences of their actions.” Yup, we all know they have separated but will stay friends. [= Joe Jonas and Jordin Sparks‘ back-up singers Leah Labelle and Rachael Lampa stroll around NYC’s So Ho district on Wednesday afternoon (July 22).

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old Jonas brother was spotted lunching with the same girls.

Kane has been inside the former Laurel Canyon apartment of Mama Cass Elliot from legendary band, The Mamas and Papas.

Laurel Canyon was famous in the 1960s and the ’70s for the music scene.

Brenda stated “Joe and I kept out relationship completely private.

The only people who knew that we were dating were our families and best friends.

I love Brenda and Joe, they are one of my best friends and i think that they deserve to go to heaven not hell. Yay, I am so HAPPY, yyyayyya we all know the story. Demi’s single, he’s single, which means the go together to eliminate the singleness…..Several sites suspected that we where dating but the news did not reach the tabloids and media until now.” Song also stated “Joe and I are very guilty, we didn’t sleep at night for ages.

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